Let us introduce you Isla del Rey. A tropical island located in the Pearl Islands archipelago in the Gulf of Panama.

Typically known as many the pearl of the Pacific Oceanside. There are over 200 islands and islets in this archipelago. Isla del Rey is one of the most popular ones.

(Fun fact – the popular reality television series Survivor was filmed in the Pearl Islands)

How to get here? 

If you’re planning to take the Ferry, you must get to the Amador Yates de Balboa Club (located in Panama). Here you can easily find ferries managed by us. We can accommodate your trip and to give you a general idea, it will take 2.4 hours to get to the destination.

Activities to do here

There are many ways of enjoying the picturesque beaches of Isla del Rey. One of them is whale watching tours during whale mating season (between July and October). This is popular in the area, as well as windsurfing and paddle-boarding.

For those who enjoy snorkeling, expect to see massive schools of fish in the crystal-clear waters—like, up to 50,000! 

You can also enjoy a traditional beach day of swimming, restaurant-hopping, and lounging. You can also visit one of the sailing schools to go for a sail or enjoy premium fishing all year round. 

Head to Saboga 

Looking for something extra? Head to one of the most remote islands for a unique experience. In Saboga, you can hike jungle trails and interact with the local people that live in the Saboga Village. Also, you can spend the day at the beautiful Saboga Lodge if you are searching for a premium experience.