Today we want to invite you to visit one of the most beautiful and colorful islands in Panama. 

How to get there? 

Easy-peasy. You just board the Ferry in Panama City, on the Amador Yates of Balboa Club, and from there you will be just a few kilometers away from this breathtaking paradise. We recommend Go-Fast Panama, a company that will ensure you a safe and chill trip to Taboga and other islands around Panama.

Taboga Island is a place full of great experiences for you, also called “ The Island of Flowers”, due to its beautiful flora and natural areas. Asides from its glorious beaches, this island also has trails for hiking to its highest points  (Cerro Vigía and Cerro de la Cruz), so we ensure you will always have an activity on your plate. 

How to get around Taboga Island

There are no proper roads or public transport in Taboga Island, meaning the only way for visitors to get around is by foot, but if you want that extra thrill you can rent a golf buggy for the day. 

Boats also circle the island if you want to take a look around the caves and little islets,  but all the bars and restaurants are based around the main ferry port, so you should be ok, just walking. 

Taboga Beaches

The two main beaches welcome you at the ferry port (Playa Honda beach to the left, Playa Restinga to the right). The waters are crystal blue, warm, and quite calm. We highly recommend  Playa Restinga for enjoying the amazing views of Panama City’s skyscrapers. Watch the sun go down while you relax, and occasionally grab an ice-cold beer from the beach vendors.