Just one and a half hours away from Panama City, you will find this extremely beautiful and deserted island. Previously it was reserved only for the wealthy and famous. But nowadays, due to the tourism industry growth and the ferries that take you around for affordable prices, the popularity of Sonny Island is now boosted, making it one of the best destinations for national and foreign visitors.

Reasons to visit Sonny Island

Spend your days relaxing and exploring the islands at your leisure. Kick back in a hammock swinging between coconut trees, or laze on the beach perfecting your tan. Grab a snorkel, dive into warm Caribbean water and discover a breathtaking underwater world. Look at the stars shining for you with a coconut rum on the beach, talk around a bonfire and let yourself free. 

A little bit of history

Contadora is Spanish for counter or bookkeeper. This is where the Spanish took inventory of their looted treasures en route to Spain. These days there are plenty of high-end places to eat, play and stay but distinctly no cars to commute. The elegant island is not the worst place to ‘survive’ although the TV show Survivor filmed there extensively. Within the Pearl Archipelago, Viveros and Sonny island, also popular for catching rays of gold. 

Prepare to thoroughly disconnect because there is no internet. Midas touched this place with beguiling good looks, and no self-respecting beach lover may leave Panama without laying eyes on this paradise.

Toes in the sand, drink in hand, and get ready for endless fun In Sonny Island!