How to get to Pearl Islands from Panama City? This is a frequently question tourists search in the internet to visit one of the most famous beaches in Panama. The reason is simple, Pearl Island stands out for its beautiful beaches, crystal clear sea and diverse activities that attract many tourists every year. Many local and foreign tourists choose this island to spend their vacations since it is located near to Panama City and the cost of the trip is very affordable.

Choose the best means of transport for you

There are different means of transportation you can take to visit this island. But when you’re traveling from Panama, the ferry is the simplest option. It is the quickest, safest, and most economical way to arrive at your destination. Additionally, the ferries are specially designed to navigate the Gulf of Panama. The trip will take approximately an hour and a half, and on board you will be able to admire the beauty of the Panama Sea.

Set your budget and compare offers

Once you are in the Pearl Islands you will be able to observe its incredible wildlife. Several bird and mammal species can be found on the island, as well as sea turtles nesting on its beaches. There are also various activities you can do, such as a tour around the virgin islands, an afternoon whale watching, snorkeling, or even a private guided tour of the magical Pearl Islands.

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