We cannot deny that both islands have their own particular charm. It’s natural resources and activities make it unique. But if what you are looking for is a more spiritual trip, you must read this blog. Here we tell you the differences between Saboga and Contadora island. 

Why Visit Contadora Island 

There is something that notably distinguishes these two beautiful islands. This will make you lean more towards one depending on your travel purpose. So let’s start with Contadora Island. This piece of paradise is made up of 11 beaches. All of them are located nearby, so getting to know them is very easy. You will also be able to enjoy different restaurants and bars that encourage social life. You can enjoy delicious Caribbean dishes with lots of flavor that will make you share a very pleasant time either alone or in company. 

Contadora Island is definitely more focused on tourism. One of its attractions are the golf carts in which you can easily tour the island. On the other hand you can enjoy different water activities such as diving, yachting, or paddle boarding.

The island has different rustic hotels where you can live a local experience and learn about the history of this beautiful island. 

Why Visit Saboga Island 

Saboga is an island which definitely breathes peace and tranquility. Its crystal clear waters and calm waves are the perfect match to meditate, relax and find yourself. This island has a colorful village that reflects its local culture and makes the tourist experience much more conscious. On the other hand, its fauna and flora stand out as some of the most impressive of the Pearl Archipelago, which makes this place very attractive.

If you want to stay in this paradise, Saboga Lodge is the only eco-hotel on the island. This place brings you more privacy, serenity and nature than Contadora Island. The hotel was made with a spiritual purpose where guests can meditate, do yoga, and live fully in the present.

On the island you can also enjoy different activities such as paddle boating, diving, sailing, nature excursions and hiking. Here you will be completely immersed in nature and recharge your energy in this small oasis called Saboga.

T’s Time to Plan Your Vacation

Now that you know the differences between these two islands, you are ready to decide which one best suits your travel style. The next step is to take a ferry with Go Fast Panama and venture to the Pearl Archipelago.